Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

A Considerable, NOTICE to user: This is our way of monitoring the RELATIONSHIP of a visitor with EXAMCOLLECTION.COM, as this website has provided and mentioned down there how to use services. If you are NOT fully agreed with our terms of service, then you have right NOT to use the services. If you don't mind consider the policy and terms of services attentively before going for any services from this website. Utilizing our provided services tells us acceptance of terms. In case that YOU Do ACCEPT THESE ("TERMS OF SERVICE"), THEN YOU CAN USE THESE SERVICE.

Acceptance of Terms of Service:

This Terms of Service Agreement ("Terms of Service") is an authorized agreement between you, either you are an individual or a client, and TheExamCollection.com with respect to the Service, as characterized bellow. TheExamCollection makes the Website TheExamCollection.com including all related TheExamCollection's components, for example, its included inside of this Internet site, and all informative data, illustrations, reports, text content, items, administrative services and every other component of the Website and all items and Service offered and worked through Website and related plug-ins, add-ons and applications, accessible for You subject to the terms and conditions put forward in this Agreement. By getting service, you should be bounded by the accompanying Terms of Service and all terms and conditions contained or referred in this or any extra terms and conditions put forward on the Website and every single such term should be considered acknowledged by you. In case if you are not agreed to every one of these Terms of Service, You should avoid to utilize the Service. If you have any problem or disagree to any extra particular terms which apply to specific TheExamCollection's Content or to specific transactions finished up through the Website, then You should NOT utilize that particular part of the Website or Service which contains such TheExamCollection's Content or through which such transaction might be closed and You should avoid utilizing such TheExamCollection's Content or finish up such transactions.

Description of Service:

This is our responsibility to allow clients to download files from this website freely without restrictions. Also clients can exchange or update their files by uploading them on site.

Guarantees and Disclaimer:

All products and services are provided "as seems to be" and "as accessible." TheExamCollection does not warrant or make any representations as to the security of this site or Service. You recognize that any data sent might be captured in transmission or something else. TheExamCollection does not warrant that the site or the servers or electronic interchanges sent by TheExamCollection are free from infections. But the agreement which is by TheExamCollection with writers, agents, dealers or distributors etc. of TheExamCollection or any other third party will not have any permission or authority to modify this warranty, nor to make any self-created warranties.

If you are utilizing the service or downloading or using any product of the site is done at your own responsibility and this will happen only when you are agreed that you will be exclusively in charge of any harm to your PC framework, your webpage, loss of information, or other damage that outcomes from such actions. TheExamCollection does not accept risk for any PC infection or other comparative programming code that is downloaded to your PC from the site or regarding service. The Website might contain references to particular TheExamCollection items and Service that may not be accessible in a specific region. Any such reference does not suggest or warrant that any such items or administrations might be accessible whenever in a specific region.


The term of this “Term of Service” will start when you begin utilizing the Service and should proceed, generally ended by TheExamCollection by notification. TheExamCollection explicitly claims all authority to change, suspend or cease all the Service or partition, and might end your utilization of the Service whenever. Without other rights, this “Terms of Service” will end consequently on the off chance that you are not agreed to any of the boundaries. Incase if this “Terms of Service” expires, you should stop utilizing the Service including without limits any utilization of TheExamCollection's trademarks, names, copyrights and other licensed product. INCASE OF TERMINATION THIS AGREEMENT WILL EXPIRE AND YOU WILL NO LONGER BE AUTHORIZED TO USE THE SERVICE IN ANY WAY.

Fee, Payments:

All rights and facilities according to this site just because of Terms of Service those are liable to your consistence of the greater part of the terms and conditions and installments of relevant expense, if any, explicitly claims all authority to give the Service for free of cost during the Term, and further gave, that TheExamCollection, exclusively at its own risk unless supply of this Agreement, might choose to give the same or comparative Service for any cost.